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  • Keep your product with youself till it is sold
  • Our selling tool makes listing your items in easy way
  • We can give you guidance on setting a price, choosing shipping options and photography
  • Packaging and invoicing is done by you
  • Delivery of product from your house to buyer's place
  • Guaranteed payment to you after 7 days of product delivery
  • Good selling chances
  • 35% Commission retained only when product is sold
Direct Selling

The Best Place to Sell Pre-Owned Clothes Online

It’s time to turn those unwanted purchases into treasure!! Yes it is the real time! Do you wish you had a little more space in your wardrobe? And some extra cash in your wallet? Then why not trying selling your unwanted clothes online! Etashee is committed in making the experience of buying and selling pre owned clothes thrilling, stylish, inspiring and fun. Our mission is to build a platform where women can sell used clothes online in a hassle-free way and earn easy cash. Selling your pre-owned fashion has never been easy with Etashee. Possibly, you’ve bought designer clothes, footwear or handbags in the past that are still in good condition, but you never seem to wear them anymore or you have never worn it even once.

The best plan is to pull them out and sort them by their condition and brand to make them sell here. To sell second hand clothes online, you just need to register with us, upload products’ photographs price, and just relax. Rest we will take care. We’ll charge 10% and 30% commission rates for our services which might sound like a lot but considering that we’re doing most of the legwork; it's not such a bad deal.

Easy Way to Make Money by Selling Old Clothes, Accessories & Shoes

At times, a girl can have so many wardrobe wonders, and when there’s money to be made by selling pre owned clothing that are just lying there eating up space why not give them a new home where they can be loved again? Did that designer dress appear great idea in the store but not that much when you brought it home? Don’t worry put it here and sell it! The amazing thing about selling your stuff online is that you don’t have to waste time and energy to find someone to buy your clothes; you just need to list them here and rest.

Selling your clothes with us is fun because it’s completely free to place an ad – there are no listing fees, no selling fees, and no catches. We sell a whole array of fashion, from your sexy dresses, tops and footwear; sell second hand bags, accessories to wedding dresses. Yes you read it right! You can sell old wedding dresses, make sure you include a clear photograph and list your items by brand, size and design. So, start earning money right away with us.

If you want to revamp your wardrobe without burning hole in your pockets that too with throwaway prices then you can buy pre owned clothes online . Explore an amazing range of clothing, footwear and accessories in myriad styles, patterns, colours and embellishments to feed your needs. Ladies! Don’t wait start shopping from the comfort of your homes now!!

Sell second hand clothes online For Cash

Do you need some easy and quick cash? If yes, consider selling your clothes online for some quick cash. Just think about it, all the things which you haven’t worn or have worn only once or twice can be turned into easy money. That’s not all. This will also clear your closet from unnecessary clutter and now you can indulge in your favourite activity that is start shopping. Sell used clothes online for cash and clean out your closet in the best way possible. Cleaning out the closet seems a daunting piece and most of the time you end up putting all those unworn pieces back not knowing what to do with them. Therefore your wardrobe is always full of clothes but most of the time you just don’t have anything to wear.

Whether you are looking for seasonal cleaning or want to update it with latest styles, sell old clothes online and free your wardrobe of all the unwanted pieces which you haven’t worn for quite some time. Selling your clothes is not only environmentally beneficial but also saves you from getting stuck in a style rut. Just because something didn’t look got on you doesn’t mean that it won’t look good on anyone else. Sell second hand designer clothes and help others find their individual style. Etashee is a great place to sell all your pre-owned for quick money. All of us have lots of memories attached with our wardrobe. Sell second hand branded clothes online and let it inspire more stories.

Sell Your second hand Designer handbags Collection

If you have ever dreamt of a shopping destination for selling your pre-owned luxury goods that will offer the same satisfaction as buying new, Etashee is your go to place. Here you can sell all your gently used or unused fashionable accessories such as ladies handbags. Sell used designer hand bags online and buy new ones to update your style. The importance of having a good handbag has been rightly emphasised. It not only increases our style quotient but also help us keep all your stuff safe and within reach. But carrying the same bag everyday can make us look boring. Therefore having different styles of bag is very important. Hence in order to look stylish we end up buying handbags which we don’t use. With Etashee we can sell second hand branded handbags and get rid of all your unwanted bags in an easy way. Come here to sell old bags and make some quick cash.

Sell used shoes online

For today’s fashionistas having several pairs of shoes something very common. But not all shoes get the same treatment. Some are used more and others just lie in our closet occupying all the precious space. But don’t let this stop you from buying new pairs of shoes. Sell second hand branded shoes online at Etashee and clean out your closet to bring in new styles.

Sometimes we end up buying shoes one size bigger or smaller just because it was cute and fashionable. However, such pairs are never worn and only end up eating space in our wardrobe. Don’t throw them away because here is the perfect solution to get rid of them while also earning some good cash. Sell old designer shoes online and say hello to a happy and healthy wardrobe

Sell Second hand Wedding Dresses Online

Wedding season is all about glitz and glamour and most of the time we end up buying the most expensive of dresses. Being worn for few hours only, they keep languishing at the back of our closet waiting to be taken out until and unless there is another event where you can wear them again. Sometimes the trend changes while at others they seem to have lost all their charms and are never worn again. Sell used wedding dresses online and save all the precious space for new things.

Also, being stylish means that you cannot wear the same dress at two events. So you end up buying new dresses which ultimately end up at the back of your wardrobe. Sell second hand designer wedding dresses at a guaranteed price and devote all the space for new clothes. Etashee is a great place to sell old dresses online. Yes, there is a market for your pre-owned stuffs too. Offering a wider customer base for all your old stuff it makes selling very easy. We also guarantee a competitive price on all your sold stuffs.

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